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  • Mergers and Acquisitions Selling Your Business

    The decision to sell a portion or all of your business or even merge into another is a significant event for you, the organization, employees and your customers. An overwhelming number of contemplated transactions never materialize or when they do occur, in many cases, burden the remaining business and its new ownership with significant unanticipated costs and uncertainty of survival. Consequences to the seller may be equally costly due to increased professional fees, loss of "hold back or "escrow funds" and in some cases the complete reversal of the transaction.

    We know that typical business brokers focus in obtaining a "listing" and "shopping" your company on various internet sites, trade publication and networking events. Quickly, the word is on the street that you are for sale. Once this occurs employees become uncertain, suppliers tighten terms and competitors attack your customers. In a few short months, your business could lose 30% of its value, even more.

    The Catapult team believes that a seller and the transaction intermediary should be true partners in the process. We are Business Transition Specialists. Unlike typical business brokers, Catapult's cornerstone representation model is based on Confidentiality and Collaboration. We have a network of pre-qualified financial and strategic buyers in almost every industry category. From beginning to end, our deals remain confidential and we guide you to help minimize both internal and external risk.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Acquiring Businesses

    The concept is simple, delivering a result can be a challenge but for the discriminating and patient buyer, engaging Catapult's Retained Search Model can result in a home run. Whether you are seeking an outright purchase or merger opportunity, Catapult's Business Transition Specialists will engage those organizations that meet both your strategic and financial objectives.

    In today's business environment, most organizations that are contemplating a sale or merger never allow themselves to hit the open market. It is simply too risky. Employees become uncertain, suppliers tighten terms and customers look for alternative vendors. Do you want to invest in that type of scenario...probably not.

    Prior to engaging in any buying or merger opportunity, it is critical that you have a complete understanding of the buying (even selling) process. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, each transaction will have its own set of complex circumstances that must be under­ stood, measured and detailed.

    When buying a business, it is imperative to flush out both internal and external risks associated with a change of ownership. We make sure that your interests are first and foremost, the Catapult team is aligned with you not the seller. We are your advocate and our compensation model is based upon it.

  • CFO Services & Support Accounting and Finance Solutions

    At Catapult, we know that excellence in financial management is not only a necessity but a key competitive advantage for our clients. Catapult's Accounting and Finance Solutions offers an expansive set of resources that clients need to manage their business, identify opportunities, and mitigate financial risk throughout each phase of their growth process. From recording monthly transactions to budgeting, forecasting, and cash management, this tier streamlines essential processes while offering a holistic view of your current financial standing. Other services we provide:

    • General ledger maintenance
    • Cash receipt application
    • Cash disbursement and credit card coding of transactions
    • Chart of account and general ledger maintenance
    • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts and month-end close procedures
    • Variance analysis of income and expense accounts
    • Preparation of monthly GAAP basis financial statement
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Managed payroll
    • Customized key performance indicators
    • Statement of value reports
  • Advisor, Coaching, & Consulting Services KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR (KPI) ASSESSMENT & SUPPORT

    What does success look like in your organization? Do you have clear plans for producing results? Are you growing, or losing sales? How are you measuring the financial and operational performance of your company? Are you measuring the correct data and using it the right way? Does the reporting of data match other companies in your industry?

    These questions are “mission critical” when it comes to the effectiveness of any strategic planning, operational performance, and financial management program. Once they have been answered, does the information and plan align with your organization’s overall mission, core values, operational and financial goals? Does your leadership team know how to communicate these values and goals to the rest of the organization?

    At Catapult, our experienced team of Business Transition and Strategy Consultants will help you determine your organization’s current state of readiness. The Catapult Client Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment will identity challenges, opportunities and provide recommendations relating to day to day operations, organic growth and merger/acquisition plans or an eventual sale or other transition of the business. Catapult’s KPI Assessment will also provide you with a financial benchmark summary illustrating how your company compares to the industry.

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